Michael Bevilacqua: The Owls a Re Not What they. s EE m

February 26, 2016April 2, 2016

Jacob Lewis Gallery is pleased to present The Owls a Re Not What they. s EE m, an exhibition of new paintings by Michael Bevilacqua. The exhibition will be on view February 26–April 9, 2016, with an opening reception February 25, 6-8pm.

In his most recent body of work, Michael Bevilacqua acts as a collector of culture, fusing layers of visual currency, from 3D concert graphics of German electronic pioneers Kraftwerk to traditional West African masks. Screen grabs of screen grabs taken on the artist’s phone are manipulated and printed on canvas. Planes of digital information are highlighted and obscured by geometric blocks of color, creating simultaneously flat and atmospheric space. Black gesso, playful pinks and earthy browns evoke 8-bit video game graphics, blueprints or a face.

The exhibition borrows its title from David Lynch’s "Twin Peaks," following suit in its mysterious and enigmatic dissemination of symbols. Bevilacqua’s process is intuitive, responding to the disintegration of the digital image with paint, allowing for a human touch in a world dominated by screens.

A selection of objects from Pace Primitive, a museum-quality tribal art gallery affiliated with Pace Gallery, will be featured in the exhibition, speaking to the artist’s reverence for the economy and inventiveness of African ceremonial objects. An image of a Bobo mask from Burkina Faso appears in several paintings, a kind which has been used for centuries in three rites: the harvest, male initiation and funeral.

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